First DSKY Video

I did a video about my DSKY progress so far, and posted it on YouTube. I've got to work on my production values, for sure. I shot the video with a Samsung handheld digital video camera, but it's only a 720P cheapie that I had bought a couple of years ago on sale at the blue-and-yellow retailer for my kids to play with. I'm going to try the GoPro and see if it does better, but given that I'm not planning on my YouTube channel becoming an Internet Sensation, an expensive rig (or any rig that I don't already own, really) is probably out of the question.

My last step on the project itself was building a mask for the digital (numeric) displays, to get an authentic shape of the digits. Off-the-shelf seven-segment displays aren't going to cut it. But, I now have do something I've resisted, and managed to avoid, for many, many years: solder surface-mount parts. I've managed to keep myself and all of my builds in the through-hole world, but I can't do that with this project. I hope my aging eyes are up to it. I've already got a 3.5 diopter Luxo on my bench. I may have to upgrade it or get a microscope.


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