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Group State Conditions

Group State conditions allow you to test the state of another group in the current ReactorSensor or another ReactorSensor. A Group State condition refers to a ReactorSensor and group. It can respond to three operations: group is TRUE, group is FALSE, and group state has changed.

Two Group State conditions

Group State conditions set the stage for creating modular logic.

When choosing groups within the same ReactorSensor, the menu will not display any group that is an ancestor of the condition, or siblings or their children of the condition, as these could create a "logic loop."


If you refer to groups in other ReactorSensors, Reactor does not check for loops. That is, if group A in one RS refers to group B in another, and group B refers back to group A, that is a logic loop. Be careful in setting up your logic to not create such loops, as they may affect Reactor performance, system performance, and system stability (such tight loops cause high CPU utilization that may lead to crashes and/or reboots). "With great power comes great responsibility." --many