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Reset Latched Action

The Reset Latched activity resets any latched conditions in the specified group of a ReactorSensor (the current ReactorSensor or another), or in all groups.

Reset Latched Action

If a group is specified, and the group itself is latching, it is not reset; to reset it, you must issue the reset to its parent. Latch reset occurs only in immediate child conditions/groups of the specified group, and does not descend into child groups.


Parent Group P
    Condition P1
    Condition P2
    Subgroup A
        Condition A1 (latching)
        Subgroup B
            Condition B1
            Condition B2 (latching)
        Subgroup C (latching)
            Condition C1
            Condition C2
  • Reset Latched on A will reset A1 and C, but not B2.
  • Reset Latched on B will reset B2 only.
  • Reset Latched on C will do nothing because neither C1 nor C2 is latching.
  • Reset Latched on P will do nothing because P1, P2 and A are not latching.
  • Reset Latched on all groups will reset all latching conditions everywhere.